D-SCAN™ Scanning UV LED Screen Exposure System

D-Scan UV LED Screen Exposure System uses a powerful, efficient UV LED light bar to scan across screens prepared by computer to screen(CTS) imaging systems.

D-Scan™ is NuArc’s revolutionary scanning UV LED screen exposure system for images generated by computer-to-screen (CTS) systems (US Patent Pending. European Patent Application No. 14721111.4). Users simply snap a CTS-generated screen frame into D-Scan’s vertical screen mounting system, select the appropriate settings, and press start to expose the emulsion by sending M&R’s ExpoScan™ high-output UV LED light source scanning across the screen. M&R’s UV LEDs run cooler, save energy costs, reduce screen exposure time, and speed up production.


Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 1 ph, 1.5 A, 50/60 Hz, .33 kW
Maximum Screen Frame Size (CTS Rack) 66 x 109 cm (26” x 43”)
Minimum Screen Frame Size 30 x 46 cm (12” x 18”)
Overall Size (H x W x D) 188 x 103 x 20 cm (74″ x 40″ x 8”)
Overall Size with Stand (H x W x D) 211 x 138 x 61 cm (83″ x 54″ x 24”)
Shipping Weigh 186 kg (410 lb)
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