i-IMAGE S™ Computer to Screen (CTS) Imaging System

I-IMAGE S™ Computer to Screen Imaging System generates opaque images on emulsion coated screens

M&R’s i-Image S features the same software, printhead, output quality, and image area as the ground breaking i-Image ST-36-1, but with a smaller footprint, exceptional pricing, and the ability to image up to 100 screens per shift, it’s the ideal choice for small-to-medium size print shops. i-Image S quickly generates opaque images up to 51 x 66 cm (20” x 26”) on screen frames up to 66 x 91 cm (26” x 36”). And it’s designed to fit through an 81 cm (32″) doorway.


Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 1 ph, 5 A, 50/60 Hz, 1.15 kW
Industrial Printheads 1
Maximum Image Area 51 x 66 cm (20″ x 26″)
Maximum Screen Frame Profile 4.1 cm (1.63″)
Maximum Screen Frame Size 66 x 91 cm (26″ x 36″)
Overall Size (H x W x D) 127 x 152 x 168 cm (50″ x 60″ x 66″)
Screens per Shift 100
Shipping Weight 408 kg (900 lb)
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