QWIK-KLAMP™ Modular Squeegee Holder Clamping System

M&R's Qwik-Klamp squeegee holder clamping system revolutionized squeegee mounting.Squeegee assembly is fast and secure and it promotes frequent squeegee and squeegee holder cleaning.

M&R’s Qwik-Klamp™ modular squeegee clamping system makes it a snap to assemble and disassemble squeegee holders and blades. Qwik-Klamp’s modular base unit is capable of clamping squeegee holders and blades up to 56 cm (22”). The modular base unit can be joined with one or more expansion units to enable clamping squeegee holders and blades in 56 cm (22”) increments up to 112 cm (44”), 168 cm (66”), 224 cm (88”) or longer, making Qwik-Klamp ideal for squeegees used in Graphics printing and in oversize and all-over T-shirt printing.


Air @ 7,6 bar (110 psi)
28 I/min (1 cfm)
Size (L x W x H) 56 x 41 x 20 cm (22″ x 16″ x 8″)
Squeegee Length Capacity 10-56 cm (4″-22″)
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