SQUEEGEE BLADES – Single & Triple Durometer Rubber

M&R's Squeegee Blades, available in single-layer and triple-layer, are available in various durometer levels. Quality squeegee blades are essential to successful screen printing.

M&R features a wide variety of premium textile squeegee blades: Single-layer blades in 65, 75 & 85 durometer; sandwiched triple-layer blades in 65/90/65 and 75/90/75 durometer; and double-bevel blunt blades in 80 durometer. All blades are color coded and labeled with part numbers, sharpen-to lines, and batch numbers. They’re sold by the inch or in full 365 cm (144″) rolls. No minimum order is required. Sandwiched triple blades offer a stiffer 90-durometer center section for squeegee rigidity, and softer 65 or 75-durometer printing edges on the outside. Since the more rigid center section helps keep the squeegee from hydroplaning over the ink and bending, operators get the ink-depositing characteristics of softer blades without compromising press speed.


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